1 oz CBD Anti-Aging Face Cream




Ingredient Super Stars

  • 125mg CBD Isolate
  • MSM & Vegan DMAE
  • Meadowfoam seed oil
  • Organic Blue Green Algae
  • Vitamin E

CBD works at the cellular level covering all the basis of skin rejuvenation. Plus organic blue green algae, clarifying organic white willow bark, and organic neem work together to balance dry, oily, sensitive and mature skin.

DMAE  helps revive skin’s tone and texture, while vegan MSM,  nature’s “beauty mineral,” helps give skin back its youthful, sexy glow!

Meadowfoam seed oil is antioxidant rich and has skin softening properties. It forms a barrier to lock in moisture and delivers nutrients deep into the epidermis.

Organic blue green algae lifts and tones with the assistance of amino acids to revive skin.

Organic white willow bark is an anti-inflammatory that combats acne and quickly turns skin cells to clarify and detoxify.

Organic Neem oil rids the skin of bacteria, prevents and treats scarring from acne, and reduces redness.

Organic blue green algae, clarifying organic white willow bark, and organic neem oil work together to balance dry, oily, sensitive, and mature skin.

Vitamin E is a beneficial antioxidant that blocks damage caused by free radicals, lightens skin, and reduces inflammation.


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